3D Layered MDF Gonk With Base


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Product: 3D Gonk with base
Material: These are cut from 4mm MDF
Sizes: Approx 17.5cm Wide
Note: Glueing is required


Our MDF shapes are perfect for anyone to paint them self’s. They are make great little gifts that can be purchased with a small paint set

All our MDF shapes are cut using laser cutters, this will leave a brown edge to the sides (as pictured) which covers fine when painted or rubbed down.

Unlike most suppliers we apply a sheet of masking tape to limit the amount of burn marks, this is easily peeled off if the product arrives with some still stuck on.

We have a huge MDF collection so please take a look at our other items, new items listed daily.

Medite Premier MDF is produced using superior wood refining technology and specially designed resins. Benefits are the consistency of quality and thickness, as well as reduced tool wear. Medite Premier MDF retains the light tan colour of the wood fibre from which it is manufactured.
This product conforms to E1 (low) formaldehyde levels as well as also complying with the lower levels required by CARB phase 2 (CARB Phase 2 compliant <0.11ppm). This product is often described as 'Laser Grade' MDF but there is no official classification for this. We believe that E1 conforming MDF is the safest and best MDF for using in a laser cutter.


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